November 13, 2009

“¡Quiero ser humana!”

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To be, Toby

Wishing to be wind, but born a human,

Is what the wind was wishing for

During its human moment of weakness.

When wind became stronger

And human moments grew longer

Came a time for the gods to give in.

With following warning

They told that next morning

The wind can go down and follow his yearning:

“Beware what you wish for

And try to forget all

That would link you to where you have come from.

If you do not do that

The human life that you get

Will be one full of sadness and burning.”

Came May thirty first

Which was to be first

Of the days full of difficult learning.

After going through all

That all men live for

And finding the peak is really not tall

The wind asked: “Is that all

That I came down for?

How can it be that there is nothing more?”

The wind had been blessed

With a memory that messed

On his way to becoming a human.

Not able to let go

Of his own high home

The wind was not really a man yet.

And being a man

Who forgives and forgets

He was no more the winning wind.

Lost in the middle

He was to solve a riddle

Of who and where and what

Would be best for this world

Whose beauty had burned

And was coming to horrible stop.

To work for the world

Serving all that he’s learned

For as long as the human lives deserve

Is the task for all them

Who are free and feel zen:

To live and love and help other men

To live and love. And help other men

To live… and love

And help other men.

The task for the wind

In form of a human

Must be followed till the end of his life

When free from the form

He returns where was born.

And the human world is a bit better

For him having blown

Here in his human clothes

Till he returns to the windy weather.


(from May 2009)


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