November 13, 2009

Another one

Filed under: Love — kadiphd @ 12:54 pm

Siin on mu uus pereliige Haku, kes nii hakkaja, et kahe esimese päevaga suutis hävitada kaks patja, mitu mänguasja, kardinapuu, pool plätut, 5 cm hakama vööst. Ja täna on veel õhtuni aega nii et töölt koju minekuni hävib veel mingi hulk närvirakke aja kodus parasjagu vist madrats ja tekinurgad. Eh. Ja ma ei saa aru, millal see krokodill magab, sest minu teki peal rabeles ta terve öö ja patju mul ka hommikul enam pea all ei olnud.


Here’s my new family member Haku, who, in the first few days was able to destroy two pillows, several toys, a curtain rail, half a flip-flop, and 5 cm of my hakama belt. There’s still some time left till the evening so until I go home from work I expect to have lost some more nerve cells and at home this moment probably a matress and blanket corners. Eh. And I have no idea when this crocodile sleeps, because there was constant racing on top of me and my blanket at night and no pillows left under my head in the morning.



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