November 13, 2009

April 25, 2009

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Kaks riideeset, mis hetkel seljas on:

(two items of clothing you are wearing at the moment)

T-shirt (white), jeans (blue)

Kaks põhilist asja, mis peavad ühes suhtes olema:

(two things that are necessary in a relationship)

Trust, respect

Kaks lemmiktegevust:

(two favourite activities)

Aikido, dreaming…

Kaks asja, mida praegu kohutavalt tahaks:

(two things you would like to have this moment)

Some sun, a holiday

Kaks asja, mida sai eile õhtul tehtud:

(two things you did last night)

Aikido, reading with my dog. PS – tomorrow we’ll “read” a bible. If I can find one ;)


Kaks asja, mida täna sõid:

(two things you ate today)

Chicken, ice cream

Viimased kaks inimest, kellega rääkisid:

(two last people you talked to)

Irina, Yamasaki-san

Kaks inimest, kellega tahaksid rääkida:

(two people you’d like to talk to)

Douglas Adams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZG8HBuDjgc

Arthur C. Clarke http://kadikriit.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!E870A20FD96DD23A!601.entry

Kaks kirjanikku, keda imetled:

(two writers you admire)

Emerson – “All mankind love a lover.”

Frost – “A poet never takes notes. You never take notes in a love affair.”

Kaks asja, mida tahaksid osata:

(two things you’d like to be able to do)

Fly, speak Japanese fluently (with knowledge of 10,000 kanji). Flying seems like less of a stretch…

Kaks asja, mida homme teed:

(two things you’ll do tomorrow)

Aikido, and organize my life a little

Kaks pikimat autosõitu:

(two longest car rides)

Estonia to Czech Rep, and back

Kaks lemmikjooki:

(two favourite drinks)

Wine, tequila

Kaks asja, mida ma pole blogis siiani enda kohta öelnud:

(two things you have not written about yourself in your blog)

After the last two entries there are no things left I assume :)

Kaks lauset raamatust, mida praegu loed, alates teise peatüki teisest lausest:

(two sentences from the book you are currently reading, from 2nd sentence of the 2nd chapter)

“He had grown apart from more than just his family. The teachers at the Peers School had instilled in their pupils the supremely noble example of the principal, General Nogi, who had committed suicide to follow his Emperor in death; and ever since they had started to emphasize the significance of his act, suggesting that their educational tradition would have been the poorer had the General died on a sickbed, an atmosphere of Spartan simplicity had come to permeate the school.”

Kaks tööd, mida sa never ei teeks:

(two jobs you’d never do)

Accounting, selling myself (directly as well as indirectly)

Kaks filmi, mida vaataks veel ja veel:

(two movies you’d watch over and over again)

The Edge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfUr-yY3Sa8)

The Lost City (http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=FR&hl=fr&v=1E59TYSET50&NR=1)

Kaks kohta, kus pole elanud, aga tahaks:

(two places you haven’t lived but would like to)

New Zealand, New York (a week does not count)

Kaks kohta, kuhu tahaksid kunagi tagasi minna:

(two places you’d like to return to some day)

Cuba, London

Kaks lemmiktoitu:

(two favourite foods)

Cheese, chocolate

Kaks kohta, kus praegu parema meelega oleks:

(two places you’d rather be right now)

Moon, Mars

Kaks inimest, kes vastaksid, kui see küsimustik edasi saata:

(two people who should also answer these questions)

Sister http://gjerninger.blogspot.com/,

Honey http://www.freewebs.com/jhsantoyo


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