November 19, 2009

Numbers’ game…

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Kadi, you have a very interesting numerology chart!
Based on your date of birth (April 1, 1981),
along with your name as given at birth,
your numerology chart tells you that:


– Your ‘Life Path’ is *6*
– Your ‘Expression’ is *2*
– Your ‘Soul Urge’ is *1*

This is indeed a very unique combination of numbers!

To learn what these numbers mean, and what they say about your
personality and your future, go to:

Let’s jump right in by starting to analyze your numerology chart …

The best place to start is with one of the most basic calculations … your “life path” — based on your birth date of April 1, 1981 — is 6.

How Is Your Life Path Calculated ?

This is calculated in four steps:

  1. Add up the digits in your month of birth (if more than one digit)
  2. Add up the digits in your day of birth (if more than one digit)
  3. Add up the digits in your year of birth.
  4. Add up the answers from (1), (2), and (3) above.

With all the above calculations, we keep adding until we end up with a single digit, or an 11 or 22 (which are special cases in numerology, known as “Master Numbers”).

In your case Kadi, you were born on April 1, 1981.

Your month of birth is April, which is the 4th month. As 4 is a single digit, there’s nothing to add here

Your day of birth is the 1st. As 1 is a single digit, there’s nothing to add here

Your year of birth is 1981. Adding 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 gives us 19. Adding 1 + 9 gives us 10. Adding 1 + 0 gives us 1.

The totals, then, are 4, 1, and 1. To get our final answer, we add these three numbers together: Adding 4 + 1 + 1 gives us 6.

What Does Your Life Path Say About You?

As you are so self-sacrificing you are also in danger of working yourself to the point of exhaustion. One of your life path lessons is to remember to care for yourself as much as you care for others….

Kadi, your Life Path of 6 …


You have a deep love and concern for your fellow humans and are at your happiest when you feel yourself to be in the service of others. You are a supportive and self-sacrificing and a friend to all. You intuitively know how to cheer or heal others who are in a crisis. You also have a swift, analytical mind, dexterity and a lot more faith and courage than is often demonstrated by the other numbers. For this reason, many of you end up being doctors, nurses, fire-fighters, policeman, politicians, lawyers, crisis line workers, counselors and any occupation that involves empathy, skill or bravery.

Your life path is often filled with responsibility, but the difference between you and other people is that you are happy to take it on. You are a sympathetic and kind person and skilled in the arts of diplomacy and leadership. Many of you are born with an innate wisdom about what others need to survive and thrive. You easily earn the devotion and respect of others and are destined to become a pillar of your community.

Like most sixes, you probably were some kind of child prodigy in one subject area. You probably seemed to be wise beyond your years and may have accelerated grades or entered university early. Furthering your education is likely to be a theme that is important to you your entire life. This is because your brilliant mind is always looking for ways to enhance the quality of your life.

Another mark of the number 6 child is that he or she tends to connect very well with adults and have full, intelligent conversations even at a very young age.

You often marry early and the cornerstones of your life are family, religion, philanthropy and compassion. Your relationship with your partner is often destined to be a permanent loving one that survives all obstacles. You may also have an extraordinary talent for dealing with children, teens and the elderly.

You have very few flaws, but one of them might be a tendency to meddle in or fix other people’s lives. Also your willingness to excel to please high-ups may look like brown nosing to others. As you are often very successful compared to others, you might also experience a lot of jealousy and envy from those who just don’t see how good-hearted you really are.

As you are so self-sacrificing you are also in danger of working yourself to the point of exhaustion. One of your life path lessons is to remember to care for yourself as much as you care for others.

Another one of your life challenges is to make sure that you don’t take on more than you can chew as this might force you to break promises that you would rather keep. You are a soft touch, so you are also at the risk of being taking advantage by individuals who might see your kindness as the mark of a fool. However your traditional approach to life along with it’s ethics and moral values usually serves you well.

Being one of the most domestic numbers, your family and extended family is probably the center of your life. You are very realistic in your approach to money and career and often have the intelligence and foresight to build a small fortune. This financial savvy is good because number six’s tend to have large broods or spend many years of their life supporting parents or other relatives.

Your Expression Number

Your Expression – which describes your potential natural talents and abilities – works out to be a 2.

How Is Your Expression Calculated?

What we are going to do now is turn all the letters in your name at birth into numbers,
using the following chart :

In practice I put the vowels above the name and the consonants underneath. This is because your Soul Urge is derived from the vowels alone, so it makes it easier at the next step to do it this way.

Again there is one exception to the rule and this is with the letter ‘Y’. If it acts as a consonant and is pronounced it is classed as being a consonant. If it is not pronounced or acts as a vowel it is classed as being a vowel. The ‘Y’ in Yolande, for instance, would be classed as being a consonant, but the ‘Y’ in Larry would be classed as being a vowel as it acts as a vowel.

Let’s work out your Expression number, Kadi :

Using the above chart we would put a 2 below the ‘K’ of your first name. We would follow this with a 1 placed above the ‘a’, then a 4 below the ‘d’, a 9 above the ‘i’, and so on …

We then carry on in the same manner with the rest of your name. When you are finished, you should end up with a chart like this:


Now we simply add up the numbers in each row.

The top row: Adding 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 gives us 28. Adding 2 + 8 gives us 10. Adding 1 + 0 gives us 1.

The bottom row: Adding 2 + 4 + 2 + 9 + 2 gives us 19. Adding 1 + 9 gives us 10. Adding 1 + 0 gives us 1. .

We now add the total of the top and bottom rows, which gives us 1+1=2.

And so, Kadi, your Expression is 2.

What a Number ‘2’ Expression Says About You

You know the importance of eye contact and a smile and easily connect to others. Your ability to quickly gain the confidence and trust of others often makes you the keeper of many secrets….

Kadi, your Expression of 2 …
Your Potential Natural Talents and Abilities


You are a loving individual whose kind actions and words often touch the hearts of those your meet. Your selfless attitude towards other and genuine desire to connect kindred spirits with each other is greatly appreciated by others. In fact it is often your own ability to network that results in jobs or relationships for others.

You are also a great mediator, liaison and peacemaker. Professionally you work best in a team. You never feel rewarded really unless it is a reward that is somehow shared with others. For this reason money or ambition rarely motivates you. However, the approval of others means everything to you as how others react is the mirror by which you judge the effectiveness of everything you do. Unfortunately this willingness to please others sometimes means that you don’t always get the credit for all of your hard work.

Still you are happiest working behind the scenes, as you secretly dislike being in the limelight. You don’t accept compliments easily because you find displays of pride to be tacky. Your supportive and cooperative ways however often earn you great financial rewards and friends for life as others recognize how invaluable you are to their own success.

You treat everyone equally and consciously make an effort to fight bias and prejudice in society. Number 2s are also known for their natural charm and the twinkle they have in their eye. You have the ability to soothe the pain and hurt feelings of animals and other humans with just a few well place words. This is due to your enormous empathy and sensitivity to others.

You know the importance of eye contact and a smile and easily connect to others. Your ability to quickly gain the confidence and trust of others often makes you the keeper of many secrets. This is why it is very important for you to watch a tendency to gossip as it as been the downfall of many number twos.

You can be quite insecure and your confidence is easily shaken by criticism. Sometimes your need for approval expresses itself as insecurity. You may talk too much or not talk at all if you feel nervous in a social situation. However once others do get you talking there is no shutting you up. You are an excellent story teller with a great sense of humor. You love to talk about sex, family and children, as you are also a great lover and observer of human nature.

When it comes to love, you have excellent timing. You seem to know exactly what to do, what to say and you rarely have problems moving a relationship forward. As you have a way of making a lover feeling completely at ease, you rarely have to make a first move. Others usually gravitate towards you.

Physically you are very fit and graceful and probably excel at dancing (especially with a partner.) You are probably youthful in experience and move quite lightly on your feet. You are likely to express yourself with cooking and crafts as the fruits of these labors can be shared with others. Many twos are also great writers and painters because they have such empathy for human condition.

Your style is casual yet fashionable. As you are a very sensuous individual and love the way certain fabrics feel against your skin you are more likely to choose cotton or silks over polyesters. As you love to attract other people, you often dress in bright colors, just like a flower that is trying to attract a butterfly.

Now, Let’s Examine Your Soul Urge
(also known as your “Heart’s Desire”)

We have already done all the mathematics necessary to work out this number. It is simply the total of the top row (the vowels) of your full birth name.

In your case Kadi, this totals 1.

Kadi, your Soul Urge of 1 …


What You Desire To Be, To Have, and To Do In Your Life

Your soul urge is to be the best at everything that you do. You play to win and when you don’t win you suffer a serious crisis of faith. As you believe you are directly connected to a higher power you just can’t bear it when you let yourself and others down. It makes you think that there is no God.

One of your greatest challenges is to put your life in perspective. Most ones are born into lives that encourage their personal development and in particular the expression of their free will. However it is often this sense of entitlement, that the world must always be your oyster that leads to your downfall.

You may see your pride as being evidence of your high self-esteem and confidence. However sometimes your ambition and drive is so extreme that it disgusts and angers others who may perceive you as selfish and controlling. In ancient cultures flaunting your talents and wealth was thought to attract “the evil eye.” In your case the evil eye is often others desire to see your pride crushed or watch you take a big fall off your pedestal.

You on the other hand don’t understand why others can’t see that you are special. Many number ones suffer from a bad case of terminal uniqueness. You love things that are one of a kind and will resort to extreme or even outrageous behavior to prove that you are irreplaceable.

In your universe you are the sun and everything and everybody else rotates around you. Many number ones sabotage their careers in the early stages, as they cannot get past the idea that someone else might know more or be better than them. Ones that feel dominated may resort to overtly rebelling against authority and cause chaos.

Your eagerness to be recognized for your talents sometimes turns you into a braggart. This often incurs the wrath of others, as it seems that you really are concerned with taking care of number one and nobody else. One of your soul lessons might be to recognize that “to rule is truly to serve.”

If your talents are not appreciated or recognized by others you may steal the spotlight by creating unnecessary dramas in your life. This is because in your mind even negative attention than no attention at all.

If you feel you are a failure you also risk the temptation of escaping into addiction or fantasy. You may get involved in troubling situations with emotionally disturbed people so that you can feel like the hero by rescuing them.

The conflict that you face is the age-old battle between your will and what fate has to offer. When bad things happen to number ones they tend to give up entirely. This is part of a damaging all or nothing mentality. This type of attitude often puts you in situations that are humiliating as you often persist out of pure stubbornness even though all signs point to eventual failure.

To be successful you need to temper your soul urges with patience and tact. You need to learn to see other people’s point of view and let others win an argument once in a while. You are in such a hurry to succeed that you often make hasty decisions that you regret later. Acting on impulse is definitely a hazard for you on your life path. Rather than listen to your ego, listen to you higher self as well.

I hope you are enjoying this brief glimpse into the world of numerology — the science of numbers, which governs much – if not most – of what happens in your life, your relationships, your health, and your economic future.



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