December 21, 2009

“DAre DA?!”

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John Presley Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what the hell Miyamoto sensei is saying? You’d think that over 13 years of studying Japanese and nearly eight years of living in this country would make it possible for me to understand ANYONE. But Nooooo, not Miyamoto sensei. I’m pretty sure he said something nice to me on my way out the door, but I have no idea what he said. Sheesh.

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Jordy Delage 

Jordy Delage  

Yeah…. 😀
I understand that ! I have only 4 years studying japanese and 2 years in Japan. But still don’t understand Miyamoto. Even my wife doesn’t understand everything….
Ayer a las 0:04
Adam Sorkin 

Adam Sorkin  

All you have to know is “DO YOU LIKE AIKIDO????” and “Tak-takatak-takatak-takatak” (the sound of empty, redundant, meaningless practice.
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John Presley 

John Presley  

According to Doshu, you also have to know “DAre DA?!” John B. and I are officially being referred to as “So no Ichi,” and “So no Ni”. Or as sensei put it last night at the Bonenkai, “Exampuru Uon! and Exampuru Tsu-!”
Ayer a las 8:44
Joshua Williams 

Joshua Williams  

Don’t feel bad. Think about the amount of time you’ve studied English, and the number of native English-speaking people you’ve met in Japan that you haven’t been able to full comprehend? 🙂 [That’s how I rationalize my bad Japanese anyways :P~~~]
Ayer a las 18:19

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