December 22, 2009

¡¡¡Happy Equinox…

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November 13, 2009

Another one from April 2009

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Have you ever:

Skydived? Yes

Bungee jumped? Twice

Flew in a hot air balloon? Countless yes

Got a tattoo? Yes, 8 or ten, depending on how you count them

Have a stupid accident which necessitates a hospital visit? Yes

Get lost in a country where you don’t speak the language? Yes

Get drunk on Absinthe? Oh yes

Set off a fire extinguisher? Extinguisher no, alarm yes

Eat bizarre foreign food? Yes

Unwisely revisit an ex? Only once

Dial 999? Did it now, nothing happened :)

Get a pension? Yes, from four different countries, even.

Drive a wickedly cool car? Yep

Have a three year relationship anniversary? Yep, and that was the end of it.

Date against type? Yes

Try class A drugs? After some web research about categories, the answer is no

Dodge a fare? No

Travel to at least one really cool place?  Of course

Fall in love? Inevitably

Do something physically challenging? Yes

Go for a skinny dip? Yes

Go on a blind date? No

Have sex al fresco? Yes

Have sex in a car? Yes

Have sex at work? Yes

Engage in bondage? Hmmm…

Yelled out a wrong name in bed? Miau! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqg6BNSUG5Q

Go 69? Here I draw a line in asnwering these questions…

Go to a festival? What kind of question is that? 69 festival? :)

Dye your hair? Yes

See a stripper? Yes

Kiss someone against your sexuality? Yes

Have a proper girlie / blokie holiday? Yes, both of them!

See an opera/ West End show? Yes, both

Go on a rollercoaster? Yes

Rock in a mosh pit? Rock yes, mosh pit no (what exactly is a mosh pit anyway?)

Get arrested? No, but mom called police once when I did not show up

See some porn? Yes

Undergo pubic depilation? Yes

Ride on a motorbike? Yes

Sleep under the stars? Yes

Move out of your parent’s house? Yes

Get on telly? Yes, thrice (news and two TV shows, maybe smth more)

Have had taken a picture of you naked? Mhmmh

Made money illegally? Hai, employer did not want to pay taxes

Had a one night stand? Hai

Been in a fist fight? Hai, with a Russian boy when I was nine. He hit my in the stomach so hard I couldn’t breathe. He started it, too… Whine.

Slept with your best friend?  Err. Yep, I can say my boyfriend was my best friend, sure.

Had sex in a public place? Hai.

Ditched work to have sex? Not yet.

Slept with a member of the same sex? Define slept.

Seen someone die? My dog…

Ran from the police? No, and never will.

Woke up somewhere and not remember how you got there? Yes.

Worn your partners unmentionables? No comprendo.

Fallen asleep at work? Yes. School, work, public transportation, you name it.

Used toys in the bedroom? Mmmm…

Ran a red light? Yes.

Been fired? Yes.

Been in a car accident? Yes.

Pole danced or done a striptease? Kind of, but it does not count.

Loved someone you shouldn’t?  Yes.

Sang karaoke? Oh god yes.

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Of course.

Laughed so hard you peed your pants? Khkkkh :)

Caught someone having sex? Nope

Kissed a perfect stranger? Mmm, not in that way

Shaved your partner? No

Given your private parts a nickname? No

Ever gone in public without underwear? Course

Had sex on a roof top? No, but nice idea

Played chicken? Huh?

Mooned/flashed someone? No

Do you sleep naked? Smtimes

Blacked out from drinking? For a short while only

Felt like killing someone? Yes

Had sex more than 5 times in one day? :)

Been with someone because they were in a band? Nooop

Taken 10 shots of liquor in a day? Yeeep

Shot a gun? Yes

Gone outside naked? Not to start with, but may have ended up so

Cheated in a relationship? Not to start with, but may have ended up so…

April 25, 2009

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Kaks riideeset, mis hetkel seljas on:

(two items of clothing you are wearing at the moment)

T-shirt (white), jeans (blue)

Kaks põhilist asja, mis peavad ühes suhtes olema:

(two things that are necessary in a relationship)

Trust, respect

Kaks lemmiktegevust:

(two favourite activities)

Aikido, dreaming…

Kaks asja, mida praegu kohutavalt tahaks:

(two things you would like to have this moment)

Some sun, a holiday

Kaks asja, mida sai eile õhtul tehtud:

(two things you did last night)

Aikido, reading with my dog. PS – tomorrow we’ll “read” a bible. If I can find one ;)


Kaks asja, mida täna sõid:

(two things you ate today)

Chicken, ice cream

Viimased kaks inimest, kellega rääkisid:

(two last people you talked to)

Irina, Yamasaki-san

Kaks inimest, kellega tahaksid rääkida:

(two people you’d like to talk to)

Douglas Adams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZG8HBuDjgc

Arthur C. Clarke http://kadikriit.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!E870A20FD96DD23A!601.entry

Kaks kirjanikku, keda imetled:

(two writers you admire)

Emerson – “All mankind love a lover.”

Frost – “A poet never takes notes. You never take notes in a love affair.”

Kaks asja, mida tahaksid osata:

(two things you’d like to be able to do)

Fly, speak Japanese fluently (with knowledge of 10,000 kanji). Flying seems like less of a stretch…

Kaks asja, mida homme teed:

(two things you’ll do tomorrow)

Aikido, and organize my life a little

Kaks pikimat autosõitu:

(two longest car rides)

Estonia to Czech Rep, and back

Kaks lemmikjooki:

(two favourite drinks)

Wine, tequila

Kaks asja, mida ma pole blogis siiani enda kohta öelnud:

(two things you have not written about yourself in your blog)

After the last two entries there are no things left I assume :)

Kaks lauset raamatust, mida praegu loed, alates teise peatüki teisest lausest:

(two sentences from the book you are currently reading, from 2nd sentence of the 2nd chapter)

“He had grown apart from more than just his family. The teachers at the Peers School had instilled in their pupils the supremely noble example of the principal, General Nogi, who had committed suicide to follow his Emperor in death; and ever since they had started to emphasize the significance of his act, suggesting that their educational tradition would have been the poorer had the General died on a sickbed, an atmosphere of Spartan simplicity had come to permeate the school.”

Kaks tööd, mida sa never ei teeks:

(two jobs you’d never do)

Accounting, selling myself (directly as well as indirectly)

Kaks filmi, mida vaataks veel ja veel:

(two movies you’d watch over and over again)

The Edge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfUr-yY3Sa8)

The Lost City (http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=FR&hl=fr&v=1E59TYSET50&NR=1)

Kaks kohta, kus pole elanud, aga tahaks:

(two places you haven’t lived but would like to)

New Zealand, New York (a week does not count)

Kaks kohta, kuhu tahaksid kunagi tagasi minna:

(two places you’d like to return to some day)

Cuba, London

Kaks lemmiktoitu:

(two favourite foods)

Cheese, chocolate

Kaks kohta, kus praegu parema meelega oleks:

(two places you’d rather be right now)

Moon, Mars

Kaks inimest, kes vastaksid, kui see küsimustik edasi saata:

(two people who should also answer these questions)

Sister http://gjerninger.blogspot.com/,

Honey http://www.freewebs.com/jhsantoyo

May 9, 2009

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Seven heavenly sins, bring it on!


  1. Kelle peale sa viimati vihastasid? (Who is the person whom you were last angry at?) Myself, this morning, when I first slept in for 6.30 Doshu class and then slept in for 8 AM Yokota-sensei’s class. And then when I did intend to sleep in for work after that I could not get any more sleep. Murphy’s my God.
  2. Relv sinu valikul? (Your weapon of choice?) Samurai sword, slightly too heavy and slightly too long, just as is appropriate for a viking descendent.
  3. Kas sa lööksid vastassoost isikut? (Would you hit a person of opposite sex?) In the dojo, where I know they will protect themselves, I do it daily. Unless I practice that day with a person of the same sex.
  4. Aga samast soost? (Would you hit a person of the same sex?) In the dojo, where I know they will protect themselves, I do it daily. Unless I practice that day with a person of the opposite sex.
  5. Kes viimati su peale vihane oli? (Who was last angry at you?) My boss, when I quit my job 10 days ago.
  6. Mis vihastab sind kõige enam välja? (What makes you the most angry?) Evasion into my privacy, into my life, into my mind and heart (without invitation).
  7. Kas pead pikalt viha või mitte? (Do you stay angry for long?) As long as I am pushed, which generally means that it passes in a blink.


  1. Mida sa peaksid iga päev tegema, aga pole tegelikult päris ammu teinud? (What you should be doing every day but have actually not done for a long time?) Studying Japanese.
  2. Kõige hilisem aeg, mil oled ärganud? (The latest time you have woken up after usual night’s sleep?) 4PM
  3. Nimeta inimene, kellega oled plaaninud ühendust võtta, aga pole seda teinud. (A person whom you have to contact but haven’t done it yet?) Lauri. Manana, I promise.
  4. Kõige magedam vabandus, mida oled öelnud? (The lamest excuse you’ve ever used?) My eyes went blind… Don’t ask.
  5. Oled sa kunagi vaadanud ka pikki reklaame? (Do you ever watch long advertisements?) Yes, but only if  it was connected to my work. Or won some awards. Recent favourite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfmJpMdgqcQ
  6. Millal tegid viimati korralikult trenni? (When did you work out properly for the last time?) Last night, because slept in for this morning’s practice.
  7. Mitu korda vajutasid hommikul edasilükkamisnuppu oma äratuskellal, et kauem magada? (How many times did you hit snooze this morning) At least six times. And still slept in twice.


  1. Lihasööja? (Meat eater?) Yes, but intending to quit. But keeping the fish.
  2. Suurim kogus alkoholi, mida oled korraga ära joonud? (The biggest amount of alcohol you’ve consumed in one go?) Vodka bottle of 0.5L.
  3. Oled dieeti pidanud? (Ever dieted?) Yes.
  4. On sul kaaluprobleeme? (Have any weight issues?) No.
  5. Mida eelistad? Magusaid, soolaseid või vürtsikaid toite? (Do you prefer sweet, salty or spicy food?) Spicy.
  6. Oled sa kunagi vaadanud väikest last või looma & mõelnud:”Mmm.. Lõunasöök.”? (Ever looked at a small child or animal and gone: Mmmm… yummy. lunch?) No, do cute guys count though?
  7. Mida teed, kui kõht on täis aga pool toidust-joogist on veel söömata-joomata? (What do you do if you are full but still facing half of the food or drink?) Finish it.


  1. Mitut inimest oled näinud alasti (arvesse ei lähe filmid & perekonnaliikmed)? (How many people you’ve seen naked, not accounting for movies and family members?) Countless, accounting for public showers and saunas…
  2. Mitu inimest on sind alasti näinud (arvesse ei lähe arstid & perekonnaliikmed)? (How many people have seen you naked?) Countless, accounting for public showers and saunas…
  3. Oled sa kunagi avastanud, et vahid vestluskaaslase (ükskõik kummast soost) rinda või jalgevahet? (Ever discovered yourself looking at your conversation partner’s breast or pants during talking?) Mmm, last night. But he was naked during the conversation so he brought it on himself!
  4. Oled sa seksinud? (Had sex?) “I’ve not had children yet but have very much enjoyed trying…”
  5. Lemmikkehaosa (teiste juures)? (Favourite body part, for other people?) Hands.
  6. Kas prostituudid on sulle ettepanekuid teinud? (Have you been made an offer by prostitutes?) Unfortunately yes, a female one at that, too…
  7. Oled sa kunagi teinud rasedustesti või suguhaigustetesti? (Ever did a pregnancy or STD test?) No. Yes.


  1. Mitu pangakaarti sul on? (How many bank cards do you have?) Now one, used to have eight.
  2. Kui sul oleks miljon krooni, mida teeksid sellega? (If you had a million EEK, what would you do?) Travel.
  3. Kas oleksid pigem rikas või kuulus? (Would you rather be famous or rich?) Rich, in order to protect my privacy from any possible fame.
  4. Kas võtaksid vastu igava töö, kui teeniksid selle eest hullult raha?(Would you accept a boring job if it pays off very well?) No, tried that already, brain ends up dead after one day only.
  5. Kas oled midagi kunagi varastanud? (Stolen anything ever?) Possibly.
  6. Kui palju muusikat on sul arvutis? (How much music do you have in your computer?) Limitless, with access to YouTube etc.
  7. Kui palju on piisavalt palju? (How much is enough?) Nought.


  1. Mida oled teinud, mille üle oled tõsiselt uhke? (What have you done that you are really proud about?) Started anew, many times.
  2. Mida oled teinud, mille üle su vanemad on väga uhked? (What have you done that makes your parents proud?) Finished school I suppose. And did not get pregnant while doing it?
  3. Üks asi, mida tahaksid elus saavutada: (Something you’d like to accomplish in your life?) Adopt a child.
  4. Kas sind ärritab teisele kohale tulek? (Are you bothered by coming second?) No, I don’t take part in competitions. If there is a competition I compete and if I win, I’m happy, but I do not compete psychologically. Not in love, life or living.
  5. Kas oled kunagi osalenud võistlusest, teades, et sinu oskused on palju paremad kui kaasvõistlejate omad? (Ever took part in a competition knowing your skills are far superior to others?) Mmm, you should always believe in it, then it will be true.
  6. Oled sa kunagi petnud, et saada paremat kohta? (Ever cheated to gain a better place?) Chess with my sister, she starts it usually.
  7. Mida tegid täna, mille üle oled uhke? (What did you do today that makes you proud?) Walked my dog.


  1. Millist asja või inimest tahaksid oma sõprade/tuttavate asemel omada? (What do your friends posses that you’d like to be yours?) Black belt in aikido. After the test tomorrow there would only be one step towards it left. Provided I pass…
  2. Kellega tahaksid kohti vahetada? (Whom you’d like to switch places with?) My roommate, when I go to work in the morning and he can continue sleeping…
  3. Oled sa kedagi petnud (igas mõttes)? (Ever cheated anyone? In any sense?) Yes. In every sense.
  4. Oled sa kunagi soovinud, et su füüsiline välimus oleks teistsugune?(Ever wished your physical appearance would be different?) Yes of course, am human after all. But couldn’t be happier currently.
  5. Millist kaasasündinud iseloomujoont tahaksid oma sõpradelt endale? (What birth trait you’d like to possess that your friends’ have?) Patience?
  6. Kas sa tahaksid, et oleksid ise seda küsimustikku saanud koostada?(Do you wish to have made this questionnaire yourself?) No, not enough patience. Or time.
  7. Mis on su kadedust väärt? (What is worth your envy?) What is my envy worth? ;)


Tere tulemast!

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Yo sueño con los ojos
Abiertos, y de día
Y noche siempre sueño.
Y sobre las espumas
Del ancho mar revuelto,
Y por las crespas
Arenas del desierto,
Y del león pujante,
Monarca de mi pecho,
Montado alegremente
Sobre el sumiso cuello,—
¡Un niño que me llama
Flotando siempre veo!


José Martí (1853–1895)

Day and night
I always dream with open eyes
And on top of the foaming waves
Of the wide turbulent sea,
And on the rolling
Desert sands,
And merrily riding on the gentle neck
Of a mighty lion,
Monarch of my heart,
I always see a floating child
Who is calling me

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